Creative thinkers with skills and two hours per week.


IT Designer & Wizard 

To upload content and further develop website.


Membership Assistants

Help keep track of information seekers, memoir contributors, and mentors.  

Outreach Assistants

Help with social media and email outreach to groups, community programs, and potential sponsors.   

Accomplished Writers

for Catering2Us Mentors Alliance

Adult beginners, even if frightened by the writing part, will be eager to sign up for one-on-one (online or by phone) consultations with a mentor who is  supportive of their development, interested in them as a person, and knows how to arrange and edit thoughts. 

Visual Artists Cohort 

Contribute to Catering2Us storytelling with images and artwork for our website,  monthly newsletter, and social media.

Accomplished Online Fundraisers

Coordinate a fundraising campaign for Catering2Us.


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