Learn to take small fleeting memories and turn them into vibrant engaging stories! The Story Sharing Game lessons show you how to turn the sharing of spoken 'mini-bite' personal stories into a game, with rules, time limits, and scoring (plus there’s no-writing!).

Adults can play adults. Parents can play with their kids (13 yrs+) and create a new kind of at-home fun forum for creative and open sharing. Add in grandparents and relatives as players as you discover a new way to preserve family history.

Your stories can also be turned into other art projects like written short stories (which you can submit to Catering2Us); short scripts you can shoot yourself; or draw your own Illustrations and make a comic book !

"When I was creating the Game, I especially enjoyed creating the comic-book-like-splash pages above for each lesson. I don't draw -- I do collages and I love creating a story in one frame. In a future post I'll share tricks on how to 'borrow' drawing abilities from others to do your own unique collage to illustrate your story." - Trayce, Story Sharing Game Creator

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