REASON #1 : 

It Will Help Us Feel Emotionally Closer


The year 2020 ends with the holidays where families traditionally get together to celebrate life and each other (including Diwali, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa).   This is the strangest holiday season ever, where how you take care of the ones you love might be by staying apart.     This is a season of uncertainty, isolation, and the loss of routine and tradition for all of us.   

If you’re lucky, you will appear to each other on a screen in a row of little boxes, sharing an unfamiliar feast show’n’tell, where you each hold up the dish you made (or bought) to describe it to those who can’t taste it. When you can’t be physically close to each other, it’s the perfect time to try a new activity that can help you feel emotionally closer.

Start a new tradition with the Catering2Us Story Sharing Game!  Simply by sharing details of your life you never before thought important (or had no time to think about), will help you know each other anew, in a fresh and surprising level  Each time you play it, you’ll accumulate new stories that you preserve in audio recordings.  At the same time test your own storytelling abilities before an audience of family or friends! 



Reassess & Preserve Your Own History

Many of us don't know much about our own family history.   And that’s not going back generations.   That’s kids and parents now, not knowing in detail the stories of their parents and grandparents’ journeys, or sometimes even that of their siblings or partners.   We’ve become such ravenous consumers of professionally produced, mind-blowing or hilarious storytelling, that we no longer value storytelling about our seemingly ordinary lives.

#1 of the top 15 hobbies people are doing during the pandemic is ‘Viewing TV Shows and Films’, with 70% of the people surveyed doing it.  ‘Writing’ was #13, with 10% doing it.

There use to always be a family member, sometimes an elder and sometimes not, who became the designated preservers of family mythology, toting big scrapbooks going back generations, featuring mounted photos and written out stories and family dates.  In these technological ruled, no-hard-copy times, families scattered over states, over-strained schedules and too many roles, people now preserve family history with online photo albums accompanied by tag lines.  Our physical realities become more and more deprived of memories we can hold in our hands, sit with and weight, sniff, and turn a page back. 

Usually people don’t regularly do remembrances aloud about their past until in their 50s, 60s and later.    It happens naturally when a person deals less and less with new worldly experiences and has more time and interest to reflect on their personal and family identity.   Often now the elders live apart from younger generations.  Or when living together, the different generations often have few mind-developing activities that they enjoy together.   The different generations now can easily bore or not understand each other. 

This is in part become we’re losing (or not developing) our own storytelling abilities. We’re just giving random details, not thinking about our audience and building stories to surprise and engage the other.  The Catering2Us Game’s tools will help you turn seemingly random details of your life into vivid stories! 


People are making use of their protracted time at home during the pandemic to take up new hobbies, like cooking or learning an instrument, fixing up their homes, and playing games.  It’s great to play games where you laugh together (even if virtually) and test your knowledge and strategic abilities.  

Start A New Family & Friends’ Tradition!

Play The ‘No-Writing’ Story Sharing Game

& Test Your Storytelling Skills