Catering2Us Purpose 


If we as working people -- Black and Brown people, women, immigrants, transgender, anyone who has been marginalized -- want to see honest and inspiring stories about ourselves on the screen and discussed in the houses of government, we need to learn how to write about ourselves in vivid words and images that  transport others into our experiences.

It's no easy matter for someone -- especially a working person -- to start writing truthfully about their own personal life, and believe that there is a value in doing so.  Even if that person is an accomplished writer who has previously written fictitious  stories  based on real issues from their own life.    To say publicly, this is me, that's a whole different level of reveal.


That's why we need a Catering2Us  forum to encourage and validate each other's stories about the complexity and challenge for working people of living everyday life. 



"Until the Lions have their own historians,

the history of the hunt will always

glorify the Hunter. " 


- African Proverb  



Meet the


      A lifetime 

advocating for 

working people

thru the use 

and teaching

of storytelling

Catering2Us' storytelling lessons are part of the People's Hollywood, a project of Brooklyn Young Filmmakers (BYFC), a small volunteer-run, non-profit demonstration project. BYFC is dedicated to developing a new model for at-home learning and self-development for working adults and their families by teaching them  low/no budget short filmmaking, based on their own stories and the resources they already have.   Trayce Gardner is founder and director of the vision.

To launch Catering2Us, Trayce spotlights her own personal life journey in short stories and essays as a call-out to other working people to do the same.   (Trayce's Backstory )

When we share in vivid detail  our unique life stories


Many thanks to the consultants and editors who have

helped with the development of Catering2Us, especially

Nandor, Peter, Ronnie, Tom, Russell, and Adonis !

“Talking to oneself is a recognized means to learn, in fact, self-speak may be the seed concept behind human consciousness...Writing out our private talks with oneself enables a person to 'see' what they think, a process that invites reflection, ongoing thoughtful discourse with the self, and refinement of our thinking patterns and beliefs. ”

          ―  from 'Dead Toad Scrolls' by Kilroy J. Oldster